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 A message to Chriz and Jack (please read!)

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PostSubject: A message to Chriz and Jack (please read!)   Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:07 am

Okay you vagabonds,

Clan battle was yesterday, you two told me you where gonna be there, when time was there to be there, neither of you showed up. Okay Jack told me something about traveling to London, but he said he was gonna try and be there. i saw you go offline when i came on, Jack, so what was the real deal here? Chriz you told me some story about going to the beach with your mam, thats okay by me, i ain't your dad, but when you say that you gonna be there and emphasise that, i would expect you to be there.

So, i need to hear from both of you what your real motives where of nothing showing up to a clan battle that you know is damn important to me.

I can understand if you have other plans, but don't say you gonna be there and not show up at all. You not going to get away with it that easy next time. i will be rutheless to any form of deceiving.

Hope you understand these harsh measures.

clan leader

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PostSubject: Re: A message to Chriz and Jack (please read!)   Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:59 pm

Okay, I understand Ronny. And I am never trying to deceive you, or get away, cause I love this game, and the Vagabonds as well. I hate people who decieve as well.
Please excuse the absence.
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A message to Chriz and Jack (please read!)
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