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 Thank u and goodby

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PostSubject: Thank u and goodby   Thank u and goodby Icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2011 5:14 am

i wanna thank everybody who participated in this clan, it was fun while it lasted, but the Red Dead Vagabonds will cease to excist. I'm not blaming myself, i did everything to make this clan work. So who is to blame? Maybe you should all ask yourself that question.

Forum will be terminated by monday.

If you wanna keep me on your friendlist thats okay, if you wanna delete me, i won't stop you.

I will move on from here and maybe join a another clan. Maybe you will do the same...or already have.


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PostSubject: Re: Thank u and goodby   Thank u and goodby Icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2011 9:25 am

ronny all you ever did was show me respect. you let me in the vagabonds and made me a leader. you never did anyting wrong, and you did a VERY GOOD job of leading this clan and the forum. none of this is your fault and i would never blame you, so please dont take it personal...not that you are.
i dont want to delete you form my list, i actually still want to be rdr buddies with you and brian...if you dont feel the same way all i can say is sorry.
and i will take the blame, i know i did a couple things wrong...i honestly thought for two days how i was gonna tell you, it was actaully kinda hard. and when you asked us if we wanted to stay in i said i did because i really did want to. and i should have been straight up with you about it.
im sorry ronny, i just didnt want to upset you or break up the clan but it is what it is.
no matter what any lawman says or anyone else who says you causeed trouble...i never seen it and they are wrong if they think your not a cool and respectable person.
got nothing but respect for you and i hope we can still play on the same side together.
i hope you know just because im leaving the clan....i would never talk bad about you to anyone or talk shit about you to anyone, and never will. i stuck up for you with the lawmen and if i ever hear or see anyone talk or write shit, ill always be there to back you up.
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Thank u and goodby
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